The Secret Chronicles of Baby #2

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Thursday, August 10, 2006


My coworkers are all going out for drinks tomorrow. Happy hour. One of them is leaving the company and it's his last day. I'm invited. If I go, and I don't have a drink, people will think it's weird. I could have a glass of wine or something. But I promised myself I would give BN2 a leg up by not drinking any alcohol during the pregnancy, and now even if I don't know if I'm pregnant, wouldn't it be nice of me to wait until I'm sure? I won't be sure until a week from now. Maybe sooner if AF comes early. I can't decide what to do. Although I do have a cold, and if it gets worse I'll just say I'm sick. Yeah, yeah, that's it.


Blogger Danielle said...

Congratulations! I totally see it! I found you through "making a person" blog.

1:09 PM  

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