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Friday, August 11, 2006

Freaking Out

I can't stop thinking about my faint pink line. I can't wait to go to the drugstore and get 10,000 more tests and take them. Am I pregnant or was it a fluke? I Googled "faint pink line" and got a lot of stories about women who had faint positives followed by negatives and miscarriages.

I need to stop surfing the net.


Blogger eipwek said...

Looks like a BFP, to me!!! Yeah, I can't help but feel super neurotic with this whole test-taking thing, but I think it's okay to be excited and obsessed w/ news this huge!!!! I also need to stop surfing around reading pregnancy stories and whatnot. There's too much negative stuff out there that makes me worry for no reason. Congratulations!!!!! I'm definitely going to keep myself updated on what's going on w/ you. We could be preggy buds......and obsessed-with-peeing-on-a-stick buds this week :) hee hee

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