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Friday, August 11, 2006

Doctor Doubts

Oh no. The shit's already starting to hit the fan. I just called my OB to ask if they do the blood test and they said no they only do the urine test. I tell the receptionist that I already have a gyno appointment with Dr. TallLady on 9/11 and she calculates that I would be about 8 weeks along which is perfect for the first prenatal.


Dr. TallLady doesn't do OB's anymore.

That sucks, because she was the reason I chose that office in the first place. Oh well, Dr. YoungLady is the one who delivered Big Boy #1, so I wanted to see her anyway.


Dr. YoungLady is transferring to a new group about an hour away from here!

So, now, if BN2 is really in there, I have to find a new OB. Crap. Double crap. My mind is racing.

I rescheduled my 9/11 exam so that Dr. YoungLady will do it since she will still be there. It will be a prenatal, unless this all goes away and then I'll just keep my regular annual gyno appointment with her. They are replacing her with a man, though. I don't really want a male doctor. I'll see if she can recommend another female doctor.

And while I am at it, I may even switch hospitals. I live 1 block away from a hospital, but it always seemed to be Illegal Immigrant Clinic to me, so I chose a private hospital 20 minutes away. Since then, I've heard good things about the IIC, so maybe I'll actually go check it out. Then again, why fix what ain't broke? I am sad about the prospect of going through a pregnancy at a new OB office. I liked the nurses and staff that I saw every month, every 2 weeks, and every week. They giggled and cooed when I brought Big Boy #1 in to see them.

I guess I should consider Dr. MaleDoctor. I never thought I would.

Then again, the faint pink line might go away...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No no no Dr. MaleDoctor. No. Do not go there.

6:44 PM  

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