The Secret Chronicles of Baby #2

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Cat's in the Bag

I am so excited I want to tell everyone. Last night I went to CVS to buy some more HPT's. My friend works there, and she was at the counter when I walked it. I asked her to show me where the HPT's were. She was excited but then asked me how many days I am late. I'm not late, I told her. Then she was confused. She didn't realize that there could be a faint positive so soon before a missed period.

It was okay to tell this friend. Her kid is 1 day younger than BB1. We met as new mothers at a breastfeeding support group. I feel like she is some kind of alter ego of mine. She doesn't know any of my family or old friends.

I want to tell my mother. Oh, and I guess my father would find out too, so I want to tell them both. She is in the hospital recovering from surgery. Wouldn't this make her day?

Last time, I was very careful about whom I told and when. I waited until 12 weeks to make a general announcement. At my birthday party, no less. This time, I know that if I suffer complications or worse, I want everyone in my corner. I am so nervous. I know way too much about what can go wrong. That's why I am not taking any chances with alcohol, medications, etc. I know things can go wrong no matter what I do, but I don't want any way to blame myself.


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