The Secret Chronicles of Baby #2

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Secret Chronicles of Right Boob

I went to the doctor's office this morning to get Right Boob checked out. I met the new nurse practitioner, let's call her Perky NP, and she did a breast exam, declaring that I have fibrocystic breast tissue. Because of the pregnancy, she ordered a boob ultrasound - just to make sure. She said if I was her sister she'd just tell me not to worry about it.

How strange that my first ultrasound of this pregnancy was of my boob.

Well, the ultrasound tech gave me lots of information about fibrocystic boobs. She said worst case scenario I'd have to have some tissue removed, but it looked pretty clear to her. Then the radiologist came in and we all had a nice chat while I laid there on the table with ultrasound goo all over my boob. At least they gave me a towel to cover up with.

Husband Googled "fibrocystic tissue" and read the results to me on the phone. Apparently the pain is made worse by coffee, chocolate, and soft drinks. Caffeine, my one and only vice that I indulge in not even very frequently. Okay I have the daily cuppa coffee but chocolate? How will I get through this pregnancy without you?


Blogger Katie said...

I did it. And now I have to do it again. We can commiserate - I'm Dutch and we can't go through a day without chocolate!

9:14 PM  

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