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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Morning Sickness Is the Wrong Name

Ugh. I've been getting nauseous more often lately. Usually it happens about 20 minutes after I eat. It's like my body is saying "Oh! It's time to digest food! Let's turn on the Make KTP Feel Like Crap switch!"

But last night on the way home from work I was stuck in traffic that wasn't. moving. at. all. and I had the WORST feeling I've ever had, the one that makes you think you will need to open the door, lean over, and hurl out everything you have ever eaten. That would make me feel better, though, so of course it didn't happen.

Might I take a moment to warn other pregnant women (the masses that read this secret site) that when you are feeling your morning (or all day) sickness, it does NOT help to stick your finger down your throat and force yourself to puke, like it does when you are really really hungover. No. It makes you puke, which is a thing that I hate more than anything else in life, BUT it does not take your nauseous feeling away. You just feel more disgusting because you have that squeaky I-just-puked feeling on your teeth. And the taste of bile in your mouth makes the residual nausea worse, and you wind up right where you started.

Anyway. Duriing the ride home last night I had some Wheat Thins in the car. I bought them for my grandmother who is coming to visit from across the country. Sorry, Nana, I had to bust them out to quell my rising stomach. Even though my body was very afraid of me sticking food in mouth, nibbling on the crackers actually worked. My head stopped swimming and I was able to pull off the freeway and just sit in the side-street traffic. It was a little nicer place to pull over and hurl if I needed to.

The thing is, I'm not puking. I feel sick and gross and I don't want to eat anything except toast and crackers and buttered pasta. At least I am able to eat THAT. I know other women have it way worse than this so I'm just going to hold on until passes, because it WILL pass, and that's what gets me through.


Blogger eipwek said...

I'm totally with you on this. I want to puke so badly, because it seems like it would make me feel better, but then I would lose the little bit of food I was able to force myself to I refrain from forcing myself. I'm glad you said it doesn't work anyway, because I've come pretty close to trying it a couple times today. I'm relieved that I'm not a total freak....I thought I was strange for being nauseous all the time and never puking.

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