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Friday, September 01, 2006

5/7 Weeks

The fetus should be about 5 weeks old, making me 7 weeks pregnant. (I know, right?)

Because I was so hyper-aware of my cycle, the time to test, and every second of this pregnancy, this will of course be the world's longest pregnancy.

I haven't had any problems besides occasional inability to eat healthy food and serious paranoia brought on by too much reading of other people's tragic stories. Otherwise I am healthy and strong. And that's good and okay. Only 33 weeks left to go. Let's hope they are all as safe as the last 5. (Seven.)

The word is spreading to my family and friends. I still won't make a general announcement until after the doctor appointment. Everyone is thrilled, though they are not as excited as last time, except my mother, who already sent me a gift so nice it made me cry. It included a maternity nightgown with matching robe, a book for BB1 titled "I'm a Big Brother," a book for me called "Your Second Child," and a baby rattle/teething toy shaped like a butterfly in soft girly colors.


Blogger Katie said...

OK, there is definitely too much of the US between us, because we are exactly alike. I have known about BN2 since the day it was conceived practically and everything else you are writing sounds very familiar. I am still nauseus at 14 weeks and never puked yet.

9:20 PM  

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