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Friday, September 08, 2006

Not Vomiting!

I'm still nauseous all the time. Big shocker. Just wanted to whine and complain a little bit. I love my morning coffee (even if it's half-decaf - I'm still working towards full decaf) but lately I haven't been able to finish a cup.

Here is what it's like to be me right now:

Night time: wake up several times a night for whatever reason, usually twice to pee.
Morning: Unable to eat, I try to force down at least a piece of toast and some coffee, and a bit of OJ with my vitamin. The other day I woke up starving, and I was so excited that I had scrambled eggs with cheese. Of course 10 minutes later I felt like I would lose it all.
Mid-morning: Nauseous, I sit at my desk and nibble something carb-heavy while sipping water or stale ginger ale.
Lunchtime: I am usually hungry enough to eat something. Yesterday I had a soup-salad combo at Louise's, but insetad of eating too much when out at lunch I didn't even finish.
Dinner: No appetite. Although since I hardly ate during the day I am weak and tired. I must play with my toddler, though, so I suck it up until his bedtime, at which point I collapse on the couch and watch tv.
Evening; After an hour or so of TV I am ready for bed but also HUNGRY! So weird. So I eat some kind of carb heavy snack, like Snackwell's cookies or graham crackers.

Great diet. Hardly any fruit, barely enough protein. Thank goodness for prenatal vitamns. At least I'm not actually vomiting, so those stay with me.


Blogger Tina said...

What's up with the carb heavy food?

8:33 AM  

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